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As a California Licensed Notary Public we can notarize your documents for you. You can visit our location or we can come to you with our Mobile Notary Service in Long Beach. As a Notary we carry all the forms needed for most notarizations including. Power of Attorney, Jurats, Passport Consent Forms for a Minor, Child Travel Abroad Forms and Apostille Forms. Our team is also very experienced and looks forward to handling all your Notary needs.


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What is a Notary Public?
A Notary Public is an official of integrity appointed by state government — typically by the secretary of state — to serve the public as an impartial witness in performing a variety of official fraud-deterrent acts related to the signing of important documents. These official acts are called notarizations, or notarial acts. Notaries are publicly commissioned as "ministerial" officials, meaning that they are expected to follow written rules without the exercise of significant personal discretion, as would otherwise be the case with a "judicial" official.

What does a Notary do?
A Notary Publics duty is to screen the signers of important documents for their true identity, their willingness to sign without duress or intimidation, and their awareness of the contents of the document or transaction. Some notarizations also require the Notary to put the signer under an oath, declaring under penalty of perjury that the information contained in a document is true and correct. Property deeds, wills and powers of attorney are examples of documents that commonly require a Notary or Mobile Notary Public.

Impartiality is the foundation of the Notary's public trust. They are duty-bound not to act in situations where they have a personal interest. The public trusts that the Notary's screening tasks have not been corrupted by self-interest. And impartiality dictates that a Notary never refuse to serve a person due to race, nationality, religion, politics, sexual orientation or status as a non-customer.

As official representatives of the state, Notaries Public certify the proper execution of many of the life-changing documents of private citizens — whether those diverse transactions convey real estate, grant powers of attorney, establish a prenuptial agreement, or perform the multitude of other activities that enable our civil society to function.

What does it cost to notarize a document in California?
In California a Notary Public or Notary can charge $15 per signature that needs to be notarized. A Mobile Notary Public or Mobile Notary in California can also charge a travel fee along with $15 per signature.

Does a Notary make a document legal?
Notarized documents assure legal authenticity of a person's identity and signature whereas, without registering a sale agreement of a property a person cannot claim ownership of that particular property. Hence, notarization cannot be a substitute of registering an agreement.

Does a signed and Notarized agreement hold up in court?
Yes, signed contracts are legally binding. They are legally binding when they meet the elements of an enforceable and valid agreement. These elements include an offer, acceptance, consideration, mutual obligation, and competency.

Top 7 Most Common Documents Notarized by a Notary Public

  1. Grand Deeds

  2. Power of Attorney

  3. Domestic Partnership

  4. Consent for Child to Travel Abroad

  5. Will and Trusts

  6. Loan Documents

  7. Medical Directive

What do you call a person who can notarize a document?
A person certified to notarize documents is called a "notary public," and their job is to officially swear that he or she saw the contract or agreement get signed. The word "notary" was originally used to mean "secretary," but around the 14th century it took on the meaning of "person authorized to authenticate." These duties are the same for a Mobile Notary.

Common Documents that Need to be Notarized by a Notary Public

  • Acknowledgement

  • Jurat

  • Oath and Affirmation

  • Deeds and Trusts

  • Medical Directive

  • Power of Attorney

  • Consent for Minor to Travel Abroad

  • Certificate of Apostille

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Frequently Asked Notary Public Questions

How much does it cost to get a document notarized?
There is a charge of $15 per signature. If you have a document that requires 2 signatures the cost would be $30

How long does it take a Notary to notarize a document?
Usually just takes about 15 minutes per signature.

What do I need to bring with me to get a document notarized?
To get a document notarized by a Notary Public you will need to bring your document and a valid form of government issued ID.

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