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Long Beach Notary Dude is a licensed
Notary Public in Long Beach, California. We aim to please and want to make sure that every customer is not only satisfied with our work but also will consider us for future notarizations. Below are a few of most recent customer reviews. Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions. If you are in a bind, no worries, we are a Mobile Notary Public and can come to you.
We can be reached at (626) 620-3667

"Needed a consent form notarized. Looking for a Public Notary, the Notary dude took care of it in a couple minutes. Will definitely be recommending his services. "

"Rufus was really cool, an awesome Notary, super personable and helluva fast!"

"Very fast and convenient! Definitely recommend."

"Fast and hassle free. Got that call no one wants, a family member passing away. My parents asked last minute if my daughter wanted to go, needed the consent form notarized. After running into several people wanting to rip me off, taking advantage of ones necessity. Notary Dude really came through. Met up with him, busted out his folder and paperwork. 10mins later was on my way. Thank you. "

"What!!! He speaks Chinese!!!!!! Knowledgable and Fast. Often times a Notary Public in Long Beach is hard to get ahold of, especially during the weekends, but Long Beach Notary Dude picked up on the second ring and met us that night. Kudos! "

"Long Beach Notary Dude helped us out tonight. Met us downtown, looked over the document let us know that it was a Jurat we needed, went through the process. Best Notary in Long Beach! "


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