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Here at Long Beach Notary Dude we offer a number of Notary Public Services. Below is a summary of some of the most common Notary Services we offer. You can come to us to get your document notarized or we can come to you with our Mobile Notary.

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Long Beach Notary Dude handles all types of notarizations.

Acknowledgment statement notarization
An Acknowledgment Statement is a formal declaration of a signature, typically done before a notary public. This statement must be a part of the original document and never have information added to it, or the notarization will be invalid.

Affidavit & oath notarization
As a notary, you may be asked to notarize an affidavit and may not know what steps to take. You may even be wondering what an affidavit is. An affidavit is a sworn or affirmed statement made before a notary public or any public official who has the authority to administer oaths.

Contract notarization
A notarized document is a contract in which signatures are verified by a public notary. Notary's job is to witness the signing, verify the signers' identities, and mark the document with a stamp or seal. Notaries have a significant role in validating contracts.

Apostille certificate notarization
An Apostille is a certificate that authenticates the signature of a public official on a document for use in another country. An Apostille certifies: the authenticity of the signature of the public official who signed the document, the capacity in which that public official.

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Deed notarization
A grant deed is a document used to transfer title from one entity to another. The law requires that it must be notarized to be valid and enforceable. Only individuals who have a current notary public license may notarize a grant deed.

Jurat notary acknowledgments
A notary acknowledgement ensures that the signer of the document is indeed the person named in the document. The function of the notary in this case is to verify the identity of the signer. On the other hand, a notary is asked to perform a Jurat, when the signer takes an oath or makes an affirmation

Notary signing services
In American law, a signing agent or courtesy signer is an agent whose function is to obtain a formal signature of an appearer to a document. In common parlance, most jurisdictions require the appearer to sign before a notary public.

Power of attorney document notarization
California requires that the signature of the principal of the Power of Attorney must be acknowledged and recorded by a notary or acknowledged by two witnesses. Every witness to the power of attorney document must witness the principal signing the document or the notary's acknowledgment.

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Property & escrow document notarization
Notarization, or the act of an uninvolved witness (the Notary) verifying that the signor (the buyer or seller) is indeed who they say they are, is an essential part of the escrow process. And, if notarization is not properly done, it can cause delays which can impact the closing of the escrow.

Property registration notarization
A notary authentication verifies that the notary's bond was registered in Los Angeles County, duly commissioned by the State of California and was active.


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